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Motherwell Resources is a management consulting and executive coaching firm started by Kathi Love. Ms. Love’s passion is bringing an executive perspective to coaching and consulting. She spent 13 years as the CEO of a mid-sized research company and a total of 25 years in management and executive functions. Ms. Love has answered to a Board of Directors, had P & L responsibility, addressed the financial markets, dealt with a changing industry and changing clients needs, introduced products and developed strategies around disruptive technology in her industry. These experiences shaped how she coaches and trains executives in the leadership skills necessary for today’s business and organizational environments. Motherwell is the town in Scotland where her grandmother was born, and she chose it as a business name to honor the strong, capable woman from whom she has learned much.

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I Am SO Over “Personal Brands!”

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Are you the star of a reality show? Do you have products or services licensed under your name? Do you aspire to either of these achievements? If your answer is no, you should not be marketing yourself or your career as a brand. I offer another essay from the Curmudgeonly Crone, continuing my rant on bad career advice floating around which, in the end, only serves those floating it. These folks arguing that we need to develop our personal brands to assure career success may, indeed, hope to launch classes and services offering us help under their personal brand. What is a brand? The dictionary defines “brand” as: 1. A type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular…

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