I am an executive coach certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and have trained at Rutgers University in Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance (offered with content partner Philosophy IB).  Unlike many executive coaches, my years of experience as a CEO and senior executive in multi-national organizations gives me a unique understanding of the challenges executives face as they navigate the changing business climate.

Executives need a wider range of skills than ever before.  The hard skills – finance, strategy development, sales, etc. – can be learned.  It is the softer executive skills – listening, communicating and learning to lead and inspire – that are the differentiators for a business’ strategic and financial success.

I work with business people at all levels, including CEOs and those who aspire to grow within their careers.

Within my executive coaching practice I offer:

  • Emotional intelligence assessment and coaching around emotional intelligence development;
  • A broad-based coaching program for a group of high-potential managers within an organization;
  • Coaching around career transition;
  • One-on-one coaching for CEOs or C-suite executives;
  • One-on-one coaching for high-potential junior staff;
  • Coaching around promotion and transition to more responsibility within an organization;
  • Working with individuals whose performance has deteriorated;
  • Conflict resolution and mediation among working groups and individuals within an organization;
  • Other organizational coaching needs.

I also partner with Pluma to offer digital executive coaching.