The Curmudgeonly Crone Offers You a List: The 10 Most Important Reasons I Don’t Usually Include a List

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I’ve been writing these essays for nine months now and, over that time, my audience has slowly and steadily built.  I emphasize slowly.  It is not without pangs of jealousy and waves of self-doubt that I have extended my sincere congratulations to Millennial friends who, after a few blogs posts were picked up by the Huffington Post, parlayed that into a million+ followers and from there signed a book deal.  I am happy for them.  I am. People who love me and wish me well have suggested kindly and in a truly helpful manner that I should include a list in my essays, a way to turn my thoughts into easy action for my readers.  Just as kindly I have thanked…

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Why Do Hamsters Eat Their Young?

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I’ve been writing for the past few months about the need for leaders and aspiring leaders to look inward and develop a self-understanding of our own strengths, weakness and the psychological places where we are stuck.  Until we do so I don’t believe we can utilize the full potential of our own agency in our organizations or in the world.  For me this is a core value.  I have power, I make decisions and those decisions have consequences. This appreciation and the concomitant humility that accompanies it came from a life-shaping experience that happened when I was in the sixth grade. The Christmas holidays were approaching. (And in my town we did call it the Christmas holidays). I was a good…

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“Enthusiasm” and “Charisma” Are NOT Greek to Effective Leaders

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I have just returned home from my first trip to Greece, during which I was mesmerized by tours of the ancient sites on the Acropolis and in Olympia, finding it fascinating to imagine life there 2500 years ago. It was history made real for me. That’s why we travel, right? It’s about learning something new, having our minds widened and our experiences grow. One of the things I learned on this trip was the etymology of the word “enthusiasm.” It comes from ancient Greek and derives from en (“in”) + theos (“god”) and means possessed by the spirit of the gods. This meaning evolved into the relatively negative connotation of over the top religious fervor until the 1700’s. Of course now…

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How Do We Make Sense of Equal Pay Day? Unequal Pay is NOT a Deliberate Plot Against Women

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I am writing this essay on Equal Pay Day, the day in the year that symbolizes how far into the new year women must work to make what men did in the prior year. I am all for equal pay for equal work, but the gender salary gap is a complex, multi-dimensional problem that is not easily solved. I’ve touched on the difficulty women have in asking for more money in another essay (The Crone in the Corner Office: “Money Makes the World Go Around,” August 25, 2016). There is much research that documents that we women often start out with lower salaries because we have a harder time than men do in asking for money at the outset of a…

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